Privacy Policy

All the information which is presented to you on this website is owned by AzCoupon and we work with an aggressive approach to save the information and privacy of the users who are taking help of our website to save money on the online purchases they make. The information provided on our website is solely for the personal purchases and if you want to use the information on our website for commercial purpose then you take a written permission to do so.

Information Collected from Users

We collect your information through the mean of forms, registration, surveys to enhance your shopping experience with us. By collecting your information, we send you the best suited deals and discount offers so that you can have good savings every time you shop with online shopping stores in country. The information which we collect from you can be your name, email address, sex, age, PIN code, credit card or debit card details, medical records and history, sexual orientation, biometric information, password etc. The only sole purpose of colleting this information is to enhance the user experience of our users. We do not sell, share or rent the information of our users in any case and all the data which is provided by you to us will be maintained and handled with utmost security.

Cookie Policy

We take the help of the Cookies to track the transactions done by users so that we can work more on the areas where users have more interest. These Cookies are the small text files which are stored to your system and devices and help us to track the conversions made by the users. The life span of these Cookies is normally 30 days and you can remove them anytime from your Browser by visiting the browser settings.

Use of Coupons and Offers with Azcoupons

All the Coupons and Offers listed on this website are checked by our team before presenting them for your use. However, we do not guarantee you about the successful working of all of them as they are solely based on the terms and conditions of the merchants to which they belong. We also request you to bring the non-working coupons or offers to our notice so that we can remove them immediately from our website.

Reach Us

If you have any kind of queries related to the privacy policies of our website then you can feel free to reach us anytime using our Contact Form. We will be happy to get your queries resolved and provide you the best couponing experiences.

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